Thursday, May 30, 2013

Intermidable. Also very long.
This flight will be unpleasant till the end.
I have no pateince left that I can spend,
I am as crabby as a crabgrass lawn.
This bouncing up and down I can't pretend
Is any way at all my stomach's freind,
It feels as if it's being preyed upon.
We're only three hours in, oh great good grief,
The ground is too far down, or out I'd fling.
There is nothing resembling relief,
Trapped close in this tin can with metal wings.
We're jigging round just like an autumn leaf,
Oh Terra Firma, you'd be just the thing!

That part's over, thank goodness. Venice is a dream. More on that later.


  1. Very fun. Glad you made it through that part of the trip. My first flight to Europe ended with a crying kid throwing up into my friend's purse, and me accidently smashing a bottle of hot sauce I'd carry all the way over for someone before we even left the airport.

  2. Fun sonnet, a bit frightening, I'm not too keen on flying either!